About Us

We're the Stele's. We're bananas. We love good bread. We figure that if you're going to eat carbs in the form of bread products, they better be worth the extra calories! Cheers to you for making great life decisions.

Michelle & Jason

Michelle spends most of her days leading cybersecurity programs that protect critical systems in space (yeah, I said space!)

When not being a space hero, she's a great mom to our kids and dogs and a wonderful baker and chef.

When Jason's not helping  run this bagel side-hustle, he's a Technologist. That's a cool way of saying that he's a Geek leader and pretty good at building technology solutions that help people work and learn better.

Alison & Jacob

Alison  can be found on a college campus studying digital animation. Jacob...when not selling these bagels can be found either on a baseball diamond or glued to his phone.

Introducing Bella!

Bella is one of our rescue puppies and bagel business spirit animal. Although she doesn't eat them, Bella loves bagels - trust us!

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